It Is God Who Heals

When you see me for the first time,
Try to know me and my illness too.

Cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s,
My life is in your hands.

Ask all the questions you have,
And patiently listen to my answers too.

You may have to repeat your self,
As I may not understand all you say.

Look into my eyes, Examine me,
Talk to me, and make me aware too.

I know you have a lot on your mind,
Your undivided attention should be mine.

Explain to me, educate me,
In words I can understand too.

Be honest with me and show kindness,
With caring kindness I can bear.

It is fear of the unknown,
Allay my anxiety and fear too.

You are my advocate and I trust you,
Please keep me above all else.

Please bear with my caregivers,
They all mean well too.

Try to cure and if not, palliate,
Give me the best chance to survive.

Keep a smiling face always,
Your smile reassures me too.

Choose your words carefully,
As I hang on to every word you say.

If you don’t have all the answers it is ok,
I trust you to find them you know.
I trust you with my life,
Please do your best.

Take your time, do your research,
I trust your judgment you know.

I can be a pain at times,
Bear with me as I am in pain.

If a mistake happens let me know,
We are all humans you know.

I may be angry sometime,
Please know it is not you.

I am going to die, you see,
I have to forget that at times you know.

When it is time to die,
Let it be with dignity and pride.

Please control my pain with whatever it takes,
Uncontrolled pain takes away all I have you know.

I may forget to say thanks,
But it is always on my face.

Be a friend to me,
This is all I ask you know. 

- Dr. Iqbal Boxwala



"Thank you for the wonderful care received throughout my Dad's treatment all of his appointments at the hospital and through your office! "